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At first, Guss was reluctant to step outside the door of the ancient tomb, fearing he would turn to stone.

Bathed in the warm light of an unseen sun, Guss leaned contentedly against an oak tree.

Artek thought he should call out to Guss in greeting, but Arcturia gently pulled him onward, and he quickly forgot about the gargoyle.

Not far off, Guss kept watch in one direction down the tunnel, while Muragh rested on a rock facing the other direction.

Artek told Guss that they were ready to move on, then went to retrieve Muragh.

Corin came next, and Guss brought up the rear, keeping watch on the darkness behind.

The others exchanged curious looks as Guss wandered over toward the rocks.

Leathery wings flapping, Guss rose into the air, hovering above the outcrop.

Clutching Muragh, Corin stumbled hastily toward Artek, Beckla and Guss close on his heels.

With a roar, Guss swooped down, plucked up one of the zombies assailing Artek, and tore it to shreds in midair.

Stubby wings beating up a stiff breeze, Guss dropped down from the darkness and settled onto the rolling deck.

Artek wanted to ask Guss more about the sky, but a wave of nausea suddenly crashed over him, and he too sat hard on the ground.

Finally, because his stony hide was immune to the thorns, Guss was forced to lead the way, hacking out a path with his sharp onyx talons.

Beckla and Guss followed him as quickly as they could manage, but Artek moved with the strength and grace of a wild animal, ducking beneath low branches and leaping over fallen tree trunks.

A moment later, Beckla and Guss crashed out of the underbrush to stand beside him.