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The Collaborative International Dictionary

gushy \gushy\ adj. 1. extravagantly demonstrative; gushing[2]; as, to write unrestrained and gushy poetry.

Syn: effusive, emotional, gushing(prenominal).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1845, from gush in the metaphoric sense + -y (2). Related: Gushily; gushiness.


a. gushing; effusive and often emotional

  1. adj. extravagantly demonstrative; "insincere and effusive demonstrations of sentimental friendship"; "a large gushing female"; "write unrestrained and gushy poetry" [syn: effusive, emotional, gushing(a)]

  2. [also: gushiest, gushier]

Usage examples of "gushy".

Berating me for using perfectly-formed characters in my novels then flaunting that gushy, empty-headed Barbie Doll in front of me.

For nearly an hour, every time they found an opening between the roots, it led to a gushy, slimy wall of mud held in place by rootlets.

Still, her insides were feeling all gushy and mushy, and she prayed her condition was incurable.

Maybe a little bit on the baby side (a kid in a Stetson on a horse, happy birthday buckeroo in letters that were supposed to look like wood on the inside), but not gushy.