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Gushi may refer to:

  • Gushi County , Xinyang, Henan, China
  • Güshi Khan (1582-1655), Khoshut-Oirat prince and leader of the Khoshut Mongol tribe
  • Gushi culture , ancient culture in the Turpan Basin of Xinjiang, China
  • Gushi (poetry) , Chinese verse form
  • Gushi, Nanxiong , town in Guangdong, China
  • Gushi, Xiushui County , town in Xiushui County, Jiangxi, China
  • Gushi, Songyang County , town in Zhejiang, China
Gushi (poetry)

Gushi is one of the main poetry forms of defined in Classical Chinese poetry, literally meaning "old (or ancient) poetry" or "old (or ancient) style poetry": gushi is a technical term for certain historically exemplary poems, together with later poetry composed in this formal style.