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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And while the price of oil looked like a gusher, consumer and business confidence fell down the well.
▪ But at the time that complex structure was established, few anticipated the gusher of money about to erupt.
▪ In March 1991 -- almost four years after the consortium was formed -- they struck a gusher in the Cusiana field.
▪ Mason's gusher was not a big hit in Bondgate either.
▪ Richard was like a gusher of newly tapped oil spraying about in all directions.
▪ The Dallas Cowboys are owned by Jerry Jones, an oilman with an ego that would dwarf a gusher.
▪ There were heady times, beginning in 1994, when Ultimate Fighting brought in a flow of cash like a Texas gusher.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gusher \Gush"er\, n. One who gushes. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"oil well that flows without pumping," 1886, agent noun from gush. Earlier in a sense of "overly effusive person" (1864).


n. 1 One that gushes 2 An oil well that has a natural flow and so no pumping is needed.


n. an oil well with a strong natural flow so that pumping is not necessary


Gusher may refer to:

  • Blowout (well drilling)
    • Lakeview Gusher
  • Fruit Gushers, fruit snacks
  • Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence, book by Robert Bryce

Usage examples of "gusher".

Luke Topman, senior partner of the enterprising house of Topman and Gusher, doing a large miscellaneous business in Pearl, near Wall street.

I have described above so neatly dressed, was Philo Gusher, of the great accommodating house of Topman and Gusher, extensively engaged in making discoveries and fortunes for all persons kind enough to honor them with their investments.

Topman and Gusher had started a great and flourishing joint-stock company.

The rest of the party, including Gusher, returned to the boat near sundown and set off for Nyack, the sturdy oarsmen singing a merry song.

The arrival of Gusher, a gentleman of such distinguished personal appearance, tended still further to increase the agitation, and to give wing to wilder rumors.

The firm of Topman and Gusher, having luminated the great Kidd Discovery Company, had got it fairly on its feet in that mart of the money-changers.

Not a solid man in Wall street had heard of the firm of Topman and Gusher eight months ago.

And there was such a distinguished air about Gusher, that Bowling Green was half inclined to look on him with favor.

The little woman ran on in this strange and confused manner until Gusher began to think she was never going to stop.

The pretensions of the great firm of Topman and Gusher were not to be confined by any such examples of economy.

Books was not in sympathy with the great enterprise his employers were developing, for he was continually saying witty but malicious things about Gusher, and would even point significantly with his thumb over his right shoulder.

Books of himself when under these little delusions, occasioned accidentally, as he would say, that it became a serious question with him whether his proud position was due to Topman and Gusher or his own great merits.

How he became acquainted with, and what his business with Topman and Gusher was, had been a mystery to her.

The more she contemplated the matter the more sincerely did she believe him an instrument in the hands of Topman and Gusher, of whose designs she had heard others speak.

Chapman was soon busy looking after the affairs of the great firm of Topman and Gusher, which I need scarcely tell the reader was a creation of his.