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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gush \Gush\ (g[u^]sh), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Gushed (g[u^]sht); p. pr. & vb. n. Gushing.] [OE. guschen, cf. Icel. gusa and gjsa, also D. gucsen; perh. akin to AS. ge['o]tan to pour, G. giessen, Goth. giutan, E. gut. Cf. Found to cast.]

  1. To issue with violence and rapidity, as a fluid; to rush forth as a fluid from confinement; to flow copiously.

    He smote the rock that the waters gushed out.
    --Ps ixxviii 20.

    A sea of blood gushed from the gaping wound.

  2. To make a sentimental or untimely exhibition of affection; to display enthusiasm in a silly, demonstrative manner.


vb. (en-past of: gush)

Usage examples of "gushed".

The rock broke in two, and water gushed forth in a river and flowed down to the city below.

Queen Layla gushed at him, putting on her most helpless and scatterbrained expression, "please do sit down.

He opened his mouth to cry out, and blue flame gushed like blood from his mouth.

With each stroke, sparkling water gushed out to soak into the arid floor of the desert.

With each driving blow the wound grew deeper, and blood gushed and spurted from the quivering flesh.

She tried to trumpet, but her trunk was heavy, and a thick, briny liquid gushed out of it, like sea water.

Perhaps that had something to do with the rivers of rock which had gushed from this Mountain.

Her fall was agonizingly slow, slow enough for Icebones to hear every whimper and cry, even to smell the urine that gushed into the air around Shoot's legs.

Close to the Tree's roots, where hot air gushed and warm water flowed, the Swamp-Mammoths had made their wallows.

Burning plaster crackled and spit, the smouldering carpet gushed dusty smoke.

The stagnant water, warm and reeking like blood, gushed up his legs, to his waist, his chest, his neck.

It shut tight to form a natural vise, gushed water or sap to drown its prey.

Its head was a milky mass from which immense fountains of pearl-white gas gushed, visibly evolving as she watched.

A great circular wind gushed out from the Yucatan, down into South America, and across the Gulf of Mexico.

It flopped, blood spouting from its mouth and back, and sticky crimson gushed down the spear's shaft and over Pebble's arms.