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Gurumalleshwara was a 19th-century Veerashaiva saint, Lingayat ascetic, Teacher of Shakti Vishishtadvaita and parama daasOhi. He was born in North Karnataka and came to Mysore and took penance under Bunde swamiji of Mahalingeshwara Mutt, Agrahara, Mysore. In later days he moved to Devanuru, Nanjangud talluk, Mysore, Karnataka, India and initiated a movement over there by his teachings and invented a new Veerashaiva Dasoha Mutt over there, currently which is an institution and is a Pattada Mutta (Authorizable Institution). He is venerated as an avatar(incarnation) of Lord Nandi (the vahana of Supreme lord Shiva) and every Lingayat home in and around Mysore will have portraits of him without a single miss. His Mutt in Devanuru, is considered as a sect of Shri Srishailam Veerashaiva Mutt (one of the five major Lingayat pancha-peethas). He is believed to have received Linga deekshe directly from Bhagawan Renukacharya.