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Now it was night and very dark, but Gurth, who was a man of the town, brought them by dim and lonely alleys and crooked ways until at last they halted within a certain dark and narrow street.

Sir Pertinax and Gurth the Dyer had broken through their assailants and made good their escape.

The Gurth, as they called themselves, regarded all alien life and all alien intelligence as non-Gurth and, as such, incomplete.

The Gurth did not conquer for the sake of conquest, territorial gain or personal prestige, their conquests were of necessity.

The Gurth took no pleasure in killing and adversely they felt no regret.

The Gurth had had the entire system under close observation for nearly five hundred cycles.

The Gurth did not want their newly acquired living space cindered, they wanted it intact.

In any case the aliens would get tired of the snow and the cold long before the Gurth and when they did, counter measures in the realm of salutary warning could be instigated.

The Gurth had little experience of air-to-air combat and the automatic hair-trigger weapons were not sighted for limited range.

The superiority of the Gurth was certain but to reveal the fact was singular bad taste.

You, the Gurth, think you are free and we, the human race, thought we were free.

The cupbearer deemed it his duty to secure Gurth as a fugitive of whose fate his master was to judge.

For the dog, I know it to be the cur of the runaway slave Gurth, a useless fugitive like its master.

Go to him, therefore, and tell him that neither for love nor fear will Gurth serve him longer.

From these rovers, however, Cedric and Athelstane accounted themselves secure, as they had in attendance ten servants, besides Wamba and Gurth, whose aid could not be counted upon, the one being a jester and the other a captive.