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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gurry \Gur"ry\, n. An alvine evacuation; also, refuse matter. [Obs. or Local]


Gurry \Gur"ry`\, n. [Hind. garh[=i].] A small fort. [India]


Etymology 1 n. (context India English) A small fort. Etymology 2

n. fishing offal

Usage examples of "gurry".

We plodded upward all that cold wet morning, and in the afternoon we came to the longest of those long hills, its top lost in a driving gurry of snow and rain.

Most had bits of gurry inside to attract whatever creatures lived down in the dark.

The horse halted, raised its tail and dropped a heap of steaming gurry on the road, an entirely fitting comment, in my opinion.

Suppose a certain amount of goo and gurry does get spilled on the deck--well, what then?

It was selfdefense, but as soon as the gurry hit the screws she knew it was back to halibut patrol off Alaska or worse, stripped of her commission and set adrift among the landsmen.

The first was a report on a man named Carter Gurry, a wealthy Californian who had died in the first crash.

He could not have had a hand in arranging the plane crashes that had disposed of Carter Gurry and Roy Breck.

You can tell that boss of yours, that go-by-the-wall auctioneer, that after-shave gurrier, that you need a holiday.