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Gurr is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Andrew John Gurr
  • Bob Gurr
  • Charlotte Gurr
  • Donna Gurr
  • Mark Gurr
  • Marty Gurr, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Ted Robert Gurr

Usage examples of "gurr".

But thou shalt make thy half-sleep henceforth at the mouth of the cave, so that when Gurr the tiger cometh, thou shalt hear him sniff between the boulders, and shalt strike the flints, whose stare he hatest.

And if he sing of his cave, it may be that he shall defend it more stoutly when Gurr teareth at the boulders.

Miss Gray had wanted him warned for speeding, and Inspector Gurr had done so.

Many thanks to friends, family, and colleagues who read, critiqued, and contributed their expertise: Lyn Rosen, Danea Rush, Jonelle Niffenegger, Riva Lehrer, Lisa Gurr, Robert Vladova, Melissa Jay Craig, Stacey Stern, Ron Falzone, Marcy Henry, Josie Kearns, Caroline Preston, Bill Frederick, Bert Menco, Patricia Niffenegger, Beth Niffenegger, Jonis Agee and the members of her Advanced Novel class, Iowa City, 2001.

He had tinned meats, side by side with writing materials, jars of cigars standing on the counter with baskets of fresh eggs from the local farms, slabs of sticky brown gurr cake and unwrapped loaves of bread.

For wider studies of social violence and vigi-lantism in the United States beyond the South, see the essays in Hugh Davis Graham and Ted Gurr, eds.