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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As Garcia was being moved on to a gurney at the hospital, he stopped breathing but was revived.
▪ Some became entranced by the strange room itself, its gurneys row on row, each one holding a sterile bagged corpse.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1921, of unknown origin. It also is a surname.


n. (context US English) A stretcher having wheeled legs.


n. a metal stretcher with wheels

Gurney (surname)

Gurney is an English surname of Anglo-Norman origin. Some families with this surname can trace their lineage back to the Counts de Gourney, who arrived in Britain with William the Conqueror in 1066.

Usage examples of "gurney".

Doc Gurney, we were in there, and I undertook to show Bibbs how to run his machine.

They checked Joyce again and had barely unrolled a blanket beneath her and covered her over, when a couple of medics hastened in with a foldable gurney.

I spotted the partially blanketed figure on a foldable gurney in the extrawide unmarked van.

Sheriff Hazen, wearing a surgical smock that was two sizes too big and a paper hat that made him feel ridiculous, stood and looked down at the gurney.

He put the bag on the gurney, then put a syringe pack and a glass vial of a drug called lidocaine into the bag.

Judit had control of the gurney, Rafik sprang forward and grabbed her from behind.

Gurney and yelling disparaging comments at Rew, though a handful of men grumbled and moved closer, siding with the surly man.

Scatflinger was lying on the gurney, quiescent, his head freshly shaved, blue lines drawn on his scalp like the rhumb lines of an ancient navigator.

Two riping technicians had arrived and were putting the body onto a gurney, securing the stasis field.

Carrying the shears in the same hand he used to clutch the relic, Gilbert walked across the room to where Briana sat on the edge of the gurney.

The doors were barred, the windows occluded, but by staring through the cracks in the walls I managed to catch glimpses of hospital gurneys, surgical lights, and three enormous glass beakers in which sallow, teratoid fetuses drifted like pickles in brine.

She glanced over at the gurney on which the sheeted remains of Pamela Wisher lay.

His mother had to be transferred from her bed inside the Birth Center after waiting for an ambulance to arrive then placed on an ambulance gurney, rolled down the Birth Center hallway, pushed out the door, loaded into the back of the ambulance, and driven across the street to our emergency room.

Two paramedics the twins, Rae noticed and the emergency room nurse, Sylvia Height, flanked an ambulance gurney.

Beyond them were the gurneys upon which the three departed had arrived in the office.