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Gurd may refer to:

  • Gurd, Iran, a village in Gilan Province, Iran
  • Gyrd and Gnupa, Danish kings

Usage examples of "gurd".

Still his mind chewed unceasingly at the question of how to find Gurd and Skriva, if they were still free.

If he wanted to regain contact with Gurd and Skriva he could use that telephone number or if, as was likely, it was no longer valid he could employ their secret post-office under the marker.

The city would have been ringed in any event, whether Gurd had been wangled out the jug or not.

There was nothing about Gurd and Skriva, no mention of Colonel Halopti.

I drink some klee then go downstairs to tell Gurd the bad news in private.

Before making my way along Quintessence Street to the home of Chiaraxi, I stop downstairs to appraise Gurd of current events.

We only just get the moving of sickly bodies completed before Moolifi and Gurd arrive upstairs.

It seems as if Gurd has no alternative but to report it all to the local prefect.

I point out to Gurd that once Lisutaris has been successfully brought back to health the Avenging Axe could even benefit.

I decide to ask Gurd if he can do something about clearing a store room.

It strikes me that as Tanrose has apparently moved in with Gurd, her room downstairs is now free.

I make a brief enquiry about the likelihood of food and learn that Gurd has sent out for an emergency cook.

While Gurd and I were still trying to work out which way our spears should be pointing, a joint force from the recently deposed King of Abelasi arrived along with his allies, the Pargadan Army.

He fights at the shoulder of Gurd and me, with the half-exposed statue protecting our backs.

Lord Gurd that you were honored that he should deem you worthy for such service.