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Gup or GUP may refer to:

  • Gup, Pakistan, village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan
  • Geup, Korean term of rank
  • Gup (village chief), headman of a gewog in Bhutan
  • Grace Under Pressure, the tenth studio album by progressive rock band Rush
  • Girls und Panzer, anime by studio Actas

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Usage examples of "gup".

Some bounder of a journalist wrote a lot of miserable gup in one of the papers the other day.

Someone else, my friend Willy Gup, asked me if I had any idea about it.

That evening Willy Gup told the sweat lodge that the warden reckoned that it was possible that the two murders were the work of the kind of vat-grown assassin used in the Quiet War.

During a casual conversation with Willy Gup, I found it easy enough to ask my old friend if he had any thoughts on how someone might go about uncovering the identity of the assassin.

And Mada begot Enos and Felicia and Malaleel and Ralph and Jared and Elisa and Tharsis and Masahiko and Thema and Seema and Casper and Hevila and Djanka and Jennifer and Jojo and Regma and Elvis and Irina and Dean and Marget and Karoly and Sabatha and Ashley and Siobhan and Mei-Fung and Neil and Gupta and Hans and Sade and Moon and Randy and Genevieve and Bob and Nazia and Eiichi and Justine and Ozma and Khaled and Candy and Pavel and Isaac and Sandor and Veronica and Gao and Pat and Marcus and Zsa Zsa and Li and Rebecca.

World Gup games thaire n besides, ah wis eywis shite at geography back at the school.

It is written in a script known as Gupta Brahmi, but composed of Sanskrit verses and prose.

Almsley would lead the initial assault force of Norrey's "mates," breaking into the building and distracting the dacoits, while Norrey, Gupta, and Peter tried to find the temple and the priestess.

Miles was torn between anxiety to proceed and an intense desire to sit down and study the place and date stamps on all those IDs, real and fake, before decanting Gupta.

But Mogaba loathed Selvas Gupta and his smugly holy attitude of superiority.

Gupta didn’t think it could be done at all, in the absence of science-fictional deflector shields or unobtainium hulls.

Gupta didn’t think it could be done at all, in the absence of science-fictional deflector shields or unobtainium hulls.