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Guoyu or Guo Yu may refer to:

  • Standard Chinese, a standardized variety of spoken Chinese
  • Guoyu (book), a classical history book of ancient China
  • Cheng Rui (died 903), Tang dynasty warlord known as Guo Yu at one point
Guoyu (book)

The Guoyu , usually translated Discourses of the States, is an ancient Chinese text that consists of a collection of speeches attributed to rulers and other men from the Spring and Autumn period (771–476). It comprises a total of 240 speeches, ranging from the reign of King Mu of Zhou (r. 956918) to the execution of the Jin minister Zhibo in 453. Its author is unknown, but it is sometimes attributed to Zuo Qiuming, a contemporary of Confucius. Guoyu was probably compiled beginning in the 5th century BC and continuing to the late 4th century BC. The earliest chapter of the compilation is the Discourses of Zhou.