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"Guo", written in Chinese: 郭, is one of the most common Chinese surnames and means "the wall that surrounds a city" in Chinese; it can also be transliterated into English as Cok, Guo, Quo, Quek, Kuo, Kuoch, Kok, Koc, Kwek, Kwik, Kwok, Kuok, Kuek, Gock, Koay or Ker. The Korean equivalent is spelled Kwak; the Vietnamese equivalent Quoc, Quach, Quock or Que. The different ways of spelling this surname indicate the origin of the family. For example, "Kwok" is Cantonese originated in Hong Kong and surrounding area. It is the 18th most common family name in China. The name Guo was noted as far back as the Xia Dynasty. There are eight legendary origins for the Guo surname. Among them, three are foreign. They are Persian (Hui), Korean, and Mongolian, as a result of sinicization. These are only minority. The majority of people bearing this surname are descended from Han Chinese.

Guo (disambiguation)

Guo may refer to:

  • Guo , a common Chinese surname
  • Guo (surname 國), a less common Chinese surname
  • Western Guo, ancient Chinese state, divided into Northern Guo and Southern Guo
  • Eastern Guo, ancient Chinese state
  • Guayabero language (by ISO 639 code)
  • Gualaco Airport, Honduras (by IATA code)
  • Glavnoye upravleniye okhraneniya, a branch of the Soviet Union's KGB