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Gunn may refer to:

Gunn (film)

Gunn is an American 1967 mystery film directed by Blake Edwards, and starring Craig Stevens. It featured the same lead role and actor from the 1958-1961 television series Peter Gunn, and the same Henry Mancini theme. The characters of Gunn's singing girlfriend Edie Hart, club owner "Mother" and friendly Police Lieutenant Jacoby were played by different actors. It was followed 20 years later by a TV remake starring Peter Strauss.

Gunn (given name)

Gunn is a female Norwegian given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Gunn Berit Gjerde (born 1954), Norwegian politician
  • Gunn Karin Gjul (born 1967), Norwegian politician
  • Gunn Marit Helgesen (born 1958), Norwegian politician
  • Gunn Imsen (born 1946), Norwegian professor
  • Gunn Olsen (born 1952), Norwegian politician
Gunn (surname)

In some cases the surname Gunn is derived from the Old Norse masculine personal name Gunnr. In other cases it may be derived from the Old Norse feminine personal name Gunnhildr.

Usage examples of "gunn".

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