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Gunja may refer to:

  • Gunja, Croatia, a village and a municipality in eastern Croatia
  • Gunja, Iran, a village in Gilan Province, Iran
  • Gunja, Pakistan, a village in Punjab, Pakistan
  • Gunja Station, a station of Seoul Subway in South Korea
  • Gunja-dong, a neighbourhood of Gwangjin-gu in Seoul, South Korea

Usage examples of "gunja".

She figures if there are more gunja out looking for trouble, they'll be hunting the Goum Kiskar, rather than this…" She swept a hand about at the crowded boat.

With Telka trying to set up a Tatt-Habor in the mountains, it's not odd she heard of Sea Min gunja and she's probably been exchanging messengers with them for some time now.

Most likely the gunja were delighted to go after a real enemy for once.

Reminds me, Chul, did Triff give you any notion how many fighters in a gunja cell?

The fighting ground being limited to the ship's decks and the shrouds, they had only to press and press until they cornered crew, passengers, and the renegade Min they'd been bought to kill, to slash and squeeze them till only gunja were left alive.

As the days pass, Timka begins to think they are in such a period, that the Kalakal Ravvayad have exhausted their resources for the moment with that abortive attack in Sikuro, that Telka has wasted her last out-Mountain resources with the gunja defeat and will wait for Skeen and Timka to come to her.

We turned back a double cell of gunja, but we had the Aggitj, the Boy, Chulji, Maggi and the rest on her ship.

I suspect she's kept her ties to the Sea Min and their gunja and will be stirring up more trouble for everyone.