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Gundy is a locality in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia. The locality is in the Upper Hunter Shire local government area and on the Pages River, north of the state capital, Sydney. At the 2011 census, Gundy had a population of 188.

European settlement in Gundy started in 1826 with a land grant to John Stewart who surveyed the Upper Hunter River in the early 1800s. The village was originally known as Bellevue, the name of a nearby property. It acquired its current name from a Mrs. Gundy who ran an inn further along the road. The town "initially served as a stopover for teams travelling from Scone to stations located further up the Pages and Isis Rivers".

The discovery of gold nearby saw Gundy develop as a service centre for miners with an inn and church constructed. By 1881 the village had a population of 60 and facilities included a school, post office and stores.

The local pub—the Linga Longa Hotel—and the Gundy General Store are the only retail businesses in the village. The general store faced closure in September 2012 before being bought by new owners. An annual rodeo is held on New Year's Eve.

Gundy (surname)

Gundy is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Cale Gundy (born 1972), American former college football quarterback at the University of Oklahoma, brother of Mike
  • James Henry Gundy (1880–1951), Canadian businessman
  • Mike Gundy (born 1967), American football coach and former player at Oklahoma State University, brother of Cale

Usage examples of "gundy".

Johnny, reaching the street a full two minutes after the cars had departed, commandeered taxi-cabs, but it did no good, for they could find no trace of the fleeing Gundy and his strange crew of mixed Asiatics and whites.

Gundy, and Renny and Long Tom gathered that Gundy was merely a lieutenant.

They became tired of listening to meaningless curses directed at Gundy, and Long Tom shook Shakespeare.

I just remember Gundy saying he would have to see Benbow, or something like that.

But the reports, when they did come in, were not encouraging, for Gundy and his crew of mixed breeds had vanished successfully.

Then, before Gundy said a thing, Monk turned around and addressed Doc Savage.

And without glancing at the meridians on the side of the chart, Gundy gave the latitude and longitude.

Gundy suddenly, the bronze man administered the serum by force, not telling the man what it was--for Gundy, if he knew, might in some subconscious fashion prevent his mind giving up, in coma, its secrets.

Even Gundy could not conceive that Burke Benbow might be intending to execute his own sister.

Somehow it had always reminded Gundy of the Aquarium in New York City, but without the glass fish tanks around the sides.

All your interest in uplifting them, in improving them crap, Gundy, they have their own culture.

But to see a thing like that, a massacre, a vision of hell Gundy, I was numb with despair.

Setting my own faults aside for the moment, and they are many, let me say that Gundy was an arrogant, egotistical cretin, so much so that even his fellow Aussies, the most loyal of nationalists, avoided him whenever possible.

Warrant Gundy was enraged, to put it mildly, and started yelling about courts-martial, dawn executions, official reprimands, and so forth.

In the meantime, Warrant Gundy and I went about our business, we too avoiding each other as much as possible.