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Gunda is a genus of moths of the family Bombycidae (Silk Moths). It is primarily an Oriental genus, found in India, China and South-east Asia.

Gunda (film)

'Gunda ' is a 1998 Indian crime film, directed by Kanti Shah. It stars Mithun Chakraborty, Mukesh Rishi, Shakti Kapoor among many others. It was produced by Anil Shah, written by Bashir Babbar, and the musical score was provided by Anand Raj Anand.

Gunda (disambiguation)

Gunda is a genus of moths.

The term may also refer to:

  • Hindi street-language for a criminal
    • Gunda (film), a 1998 Hindi film
  • A junior synonym of the plant genus Cordia
    • The Hindi name of Cordia dichotoma