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Gümüş (TV series)

Gümüş is a Turkish melodrama originally broadcast in Turkey by Kanal D from 2005 to 2007, followed the travails of a simple young woman "Gümüş," played by Songül Öden, who marries into a wealthy family. Gümüş was soon become known as Turkish invasion of Arab countries because of its massive popularity in Arab world.


Gümüş is the Turkic word for "silver." It may refer to:

  • Gümüş (TV series), a Turkish soap opera
  • Emine Gümüş (born 1992), Turkish women's footballer
  • Esra Gümüş (born 1982), Turkish female volleyball player
  • Ferit Gümüş (born 1981), Turkish wheelchair basketball player and Paralympian
  • Sinan Gümüş (born 1994), Turkish-German footballer
  • Serkan Gümüş (born 1992), Turkish ice hockey player