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n. (alternative spelling of gum tree English)


GumTree is an open-source scientific workbench for performing scientific experiments under a distributed network environment. It provides a multi-platform graphical user interface for instrument data acquisition, online or offline data visualisation and analysis. GumTree is designed to provide a highly Integrated Scientific Experiment Environment (ISEE), allowing interaction between different components within the workbench. Several instrument control server systems including TANGO, EPICS and SICS have been adapted to GumTree. Current developments include acquisition, control and analysis on neutron and synchrotron beamlines. In the future it will be extended telescope control and other scientific instruments with distributed hardware.

Gumtree (disambiguation)

Gumtree is a British online classifieds and community website.

Gumtree may also refer to:

  • Gum trees, some species of the Eucalyptus genus of flowering trees and shrubs
  • Sapium glandulosum, a species of tree native to the Neotropics
  • GumTree, an open source application for scientific experiment

Usage examples of "gumtree".

I visited Voting Right, Laurentide Ice and Upper Gumtree, who all graciously allowed me to dip into their drink With Leslie Brown's pen, we wrote the provenance of each sample on the sauce label and put all four containers into a plastic carrier bag which Leslie Brown happened to have handy.

Experience had proved that the bark was powerless against the violence of the torrent, and John accordingly felled some of the gumtrees, and made a rude but solid raft with the trunks.