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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gump \Gump\ (g[u^]mp), n. [Cf. Sw. & Dan. gump buttocks, rump, Icel. gumpr.] A dolt; a dunce. [Low.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"dolt, numskull," 1825; meaning "chicken" is from 1914, U.S. thieves' slang.


n. (context dated English) a dunce, a foolish person or nitwit


Gump or Gumps may refer to:

Gump (song)

"Gump" is a song by American musical parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic. It is a parody of " Lump" by alternative rock group The Presidents of the United States of America and also parodies the 1994 movie Forrest Gump. It is one of several Yankovic songs describing the events of a movie, such as " Jurassic Park" and " The Saga Begins."

The cover for the single is itself a parody of the Presidents of the United States of America's logo. This is one of Yankovic's shortest album parodies, second only to his remade version of " My Bologna" (a parody of The Knack's " My Sharona"). In the video for this song, Yankovic dons a bald cap. The The Presidents of the United States of America themselves praised the parody and has since often referred to the "Weird Al" song during live performances.

Usage examples of "gump".

Cawcaw fishes when the feller which is skiping gets a bite he lets him have it a minit and the feller whitch is padling the bote padles towards the shore and then the feller whitch is skiping gumps rite out as soon as the water aint over his head and gives a big yank, and the pikeril goes saling into the field.

Cawcaw he padled the bote towards the shore and i gumped out lively and gumped into a deep place and went down way under.

Beany he throwed the bat at Ticky and Ticky he cought it about half way down, and then Beany he put his hand above Tickys and Ticky he put his above Beanys, and so on til when they came to the end of the bat the last one whitch had his hand on has the first choice and no fudging, only he has got to swing the bat around his head 3 times and throw it 3 times as far as he can gump.

Bill he said he wood leeve his door open jest a little and old printer Smith he said he wood leeve his open jest a little two so he cood gump out and lam time out of the feller whitch rung his bell.

Hobbs opened the door quick and gumped out and grabed the man and said you rascul i have got you and the man said you old fool are you crasy and then old Hobbs he said i thougt it was that Purinton boy ringing my door bell and then the man went in the house and we wated til they had shet the door and we put for home and made sum sweet firn segars.

His axe fairly flashed among the Jackdaws, and fortunately the Gump began wildly waving the two wings remaining on the left side of its body.

The flutter of these great wings filled the Jackdaws with terror, and when the Gump by its exertions freed itself from the peg of rock on which it hung, and sank flopping into the nest, the alarm of the birds knew no bounds and they fled screaming over the mountains.

Army private named Forrest Gump allegedly miskicked a football during an interservice playoff game in Germany, yesterday, which sailed across the Berlin Wall and landed in midfield on East German territory during the final seconds of the World Cup soccer match between East Germany and the Soviet Union.

They tumbled into the cushioned seats of the sofas as quickly as possible, and Tip gave the word to the Gump to start.

I sure am proud of the way he has growed up an taken charge of so much stuff at the Gump &amp.