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n. 1 A sugary, gelatinous material used to make candies. 2 A candy made of this material; a gummy.

Gummi (software)

Gummi is a LaTeX editor. It is a GTK+ application which runs on Linux and Windows systems.

Usage examples of "gummi".

When he had finished the last morsel of shrimp, Gummi Bergsson said, "In regard to your insurance case, I have a suggestion.

The boys crept back into the sod house and whispered their discovery to Gummi and Mar.

Joe would secrete himself in a locker on the bridge, while Gummi would hide in the captain's quarters.

She was going to owe the researcher a bag of gummi bears before the day was through.

No lunch, half a bag of gummi bears, her blood sugar was sufficiently screwed up her mind might actually go someplace interesting.

Her stomach was full of complaining gummi bears and the light was going from Joan's window.

Past cardboard boxes of plastic glasses and napkins and Gummi Bears and Twizzlers.

Glass breaks, mirrors shatter, Twizzlers and Gummi Bears fly through the air.