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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gumma \Gum"ma\ (g[u^]m"m[.a]), n.; pl. Gummata. [NL. So called from its gummy contents See Gum.] (Med.) A kind of soft tumor, usually of syphilitic origin.


n. (context pathology English) a soft, non-cancerous growth, a form of granuloma, resulting from the tertiary stage of syphilis.

  1. n. a small rubbery granuloma that is characteristic of an advanced stage of syphilis

  2. [also: gummata (pl)]

Gumma (pathology)

A gumma is a soft, non-cancerous growth resulting from the tertiary stage of syphilis. It is a form of granuloma. Gummas are most commonly found in the liver (gumma hepatis), but can also be found in brain, heart, skin, bone, testis, and other tissues, leading to a variety of potential problems including neurological disorders or heart valve disease.


Gumma (or Guma) may refer to:

  • Gumma (pathology), a characteristic tissue nodule found in the tertiary stage of syphilis
  • Gumma, an alternative spelling of Gunma Prefecture in Japan
  • The Kingdom of Gumma (also spelled Guma), a former kingdom in the Gibe region of Ethiopia
  • Guma (woreda), one of the Districts of Ethiopia in the Oromia region
  • Guma, Pishan County in China
  • Guma (Luan County) in China

Usage examples of "gumma".

A great festering wound, a gumma, had eaten away most of her nose and turned it into an open snout.

But confirmation could be had by looking at his face, which was disfigured by lumpy tumors, called gummas, rimming his mouth and his eyes.

Stephen had several patients, two with syphilitic gummata who were near their ends and some serious pulmonary cases, but he knew that to the naval mind only an amputation really counted, and he replied, 'He is coming along quite well, I thank you: more comfortable in his mind and body than I had expected.

Arthur Grimble was one of the syphilitic gummata cases:Stephen and Macmillan had operated to relieve the pressure on his brain.

You will remember what I told you about gummata and the third generation?

He showed Stephen his few cases, and they lingered a while over a seaman whose inoperable gummata were pressing on his brain in such a manner that his speech followed an inverted logic of its own.