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Gumm is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Frances Gumm (1922–1969), better known as Judy Garland, American actress, singer and vaudevillian
  • James Gumm, Australian explorer
  • Jay Paul Gumm (born 1963), American politician

Usage examples of "gumm".

The car slowed and stopped, and Frank Gumm wound the window down, prepared, as he must be, to talk a spell.

Frank Gumm kept smiling, looking in his rearview mirror, until Story was well behind them.

And I knew darn well that when the second storm broke, when people found out what Frank Gumm was a second time, when we had to flee in shame again, I was darn well certain that I and my babies were going to be able to cope on our own, without him, without Frank Gumm to pull us down into the mud again.

Nor did Miss Gumm apparently feel it necessary to force detail on an unquestioning oaf.

For that reason, Septimus never found out that Miss Gumm was one of those madwomen who enjoyed donning a bathing suit in the depth of winter, breaking the ice in the lake and dropping into the freezing water for a healthful, invigorating swim.

Septimus was snoring in oafish slumber, Miss Gumm arose, put on her bathing suit, terry-cloth cloak, and sneakers, and went along the snow-covered path to the lake.

Who after all could imagine John Wayne as Marion Morrison or Judy Garland as Frances Gumm or Mary Pickford as dowdy Gladys Smith?

Groves whose rich Trees wept odorous Gumms and Balme, Others whose fruit burnisht with Golden Rinde Hung amiable, HESPERIAN Fables true, If true, here onely, and of delicious taste: Betwixt them Lawns, or level Downs, and Flocks Grasing the tender herb, were interpos'd, Or palmie hilloc, or the flourie lap Of som irriguous Valley spread her store, Flours of all hue, and without Thorn the Rose: Another side, umbrageous Grots and Caves Of coole recess, o're which the mantling Vine Layes forth her purple Grape, and gently creeps Luxuriant.