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n. (plural of gumboot English)

Usage examples of "gumboots".

He put the oilskin over his sweater and jacket, pulled on his gumboots, and went out into the grey wash of the Essex afternoon.

She was standing in green gumboots, hose in hand, watering the lower hind leg of a large chestnut horse.

Too many people on Sedgmoor died with their gumboots on and a bullet in them.

He galumphed off in his gumboots down the drive and across the lawn towards the pinetum.

A yellow stream of urine poured down from above, splattering in the dung, splashing their gumboots.

It was not the finest blend of spirits ever to grace a bar optic, and would probably have been more at home removing tar from bargees' gumboots.

Where I had a showerproof jacket over an ordinary suit and no hat, he had come equipped with the full bit: a red padded cap with ear flaps fastened with a strap under his chin, blue padded trousers tucked into short wide-legged gumboots, and a red padded jacket fastened up the front with silver coloured press studs.

He clapped the tin hat on his head and stamped his heavy gumboots across to the Number Three shaft.