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He found himself falling, shouted, and caught a flashing glimpse of Gumbs and Bellis, standing as if caught by a high-speed camera.

If he could only convince Gumbs, then Bellis would fall in with the majority - maybe.

Scrabbling in the grass with his second hand, Gumbs had failed to find anything that would serve as a weapon.

The McCartys and the Gumbs and all the rest would never have a chance against us.

It appeared that only Meister and Gumbs had kept the use of their eyes.

He could also see, deep under the mottled surface of the huge lens-shaped body, four vague clots of darkness which must be the living brains of Gumbs, Bellis, McCarty - and Meister.

For a moment, Gumbs was silent and their collective body did not move.

Gumb had progressed in tailoring far beyond what the California Department of Corrections had taught him in his youth, but this was a true challenge.

Tulare Vocational Rehabilitation taught Gumb to be a tailor during his years at the psychiatric hospital.

Now that she was a veteran of the Bureau, veteran of many lateral assignments, she could see that her early triumph in catching the serial murderer Jame Gumb was part of her undoing in the Bureau.

The third wall was taken up by a large worktable, two commercial sewing machines, two dressmaker's forms, and a tailor's form cast from the very torso of Jame Gumb.

It seemed to him likely that the whatever-it-was _meisterii_ had some sort of division-of-labor principle built into it, since Gumbs and he--the first two to fall in--had kept their sight without making any special effort in that direction, while matters like hearing and touch had been left for the latecomers.