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n. (plural of gulp English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: gulp)

Usage examples of "gulps".

The smoky torches provided an excellent cover for their secret entry into the lair of the Gulps and their Big Boss.

Big boss tell Gulps make plenty torches, smoky torches, torches day, noon, and night, torches all the time.

When torches burn out, Gulps take stubs and dip them in black goo again to make new torches.

He eat smoke and leave Gulps alone, but when he mad, he eat Gulps, too.

He snatched them up and swallowed them several at a time, washing them down with gulps of water.

He took two long gulps and opened his mouth to speak when Lessa gestured him imperiously to keep drinking.

As it was, when I broke surface it took considerable restraint and will-power to prevent me from drawing in a great lungful of air with a whoop that could have been heard half-way across the harbour, but in certain circumstances, such as when your life depends on it, one can exercise a very considerable amount of will-power indeed and I made do with several large but silent gulps of air.

He was lying on his back, sucking down air in huge gulps, trying to talk in a high-pitched choking voice.

She sank down on the black and white marble tiles of the lobby floor, taking fast gulps of air.

Wells lifted the cup, took two long gulps, then turned his attention back to Angelo and Pudge.

Two long, full gulps later, a hand placed the bottle back in its spot.

He was breathing hard and heavy, his mouth swallowing gulps of cold, fresh air.

He drank the water down in long, thirsty gulps, looking past the two Colombians over to the booth behind them where two young men in business suits were enjoying a quiet meal, their table littered with stock tabulations and legal pads.

He propelled his body up out of the water, sucking in great gulps of oxygen, and grabbed hold of the side.

Angela let her body go limp, continuing to take huge gulps of air as though she could never get enough.