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Gulick is a surname, originally of Dutch origin, as 'van Gulick'. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Amy Gulick, American photographer
  • Bill Gulick (1916–2013), American writer and historian
  • Charles T. Gulick (1841–1897), Hawaiian Kingdom politician
  • Denny Gulick, American mathematician
  • Esther Gulick (1911–1995), American environmentalist
  • Frances Gulick (1891–1936), American YMCA worker
  • J. T. Gulick (1832–1923), American missionary and naturalist
  • Luther Gulick (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Merle Gulick (1906–1976), American football player
  • Peter Johnson Gulick (1796–1877), American missionary
  • Sidney Gulick (1860–1945), American missionary