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Guli is a village in Dhania Union of Bhola Sadar Upazila, Bhola District, Barisal Division, Bangladesh.

Guli (disambiguation)

Guli is a village in Bangladesh. Guli may also refer to

  • Guli, West Azerbaijan, a village
  • Guli surkh, a town in north-western Tajikistan
  • Mina Guli, Australian businesswomen
  • Pitu Guli (1865–1903), revolutionary from Ottoman Macedonia
  • FK Pitu Guli, a football club based in Kruševo, Macedonia

Usage examples of "guli".

But I owe a considerable debt to Guli Sarahi, and going with her to Bokhara may be a small repayment.

He fastened the saddle to his pack animal, then mounted the loan horse while the boy climbed behind Guli Sarahi.

For a moment Guli Sarahi conferred with the newcomer, who appeared to be an Uzbek.

He had always thought that Guli Sarahi should have a man, and it appeared that she did, one that was well worth keeping.

Since Guli Sarahi is Persian, someone might think it an odd choice for a North African male.

It sounds a bit like Juliet and Guli Sarahi, so it should be easy to respond to.

After years of being the asexual, forceful Guli Sarahi, it was deeply rewarding to feel like a woman, and to know that she could still attract a man.

Juliet revealed herself as Guli Sarahi, the ambassador might intervene, for her fortress at Serevan had helped the shah maintain his eastern border.