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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gule \Gule\, v. t. To give the color of gules to.


Gule \Gule\, n. The throat; the gullet. [Obs.]

Throats so wide and gules so gluttonous.


n. (context obsolete English) The throat; the gullet.


Gule may refer to:

  • Gule tribe, in northern Sudan
  • Gule language, an extinct language of Sudan
  • Lars Gule (born 1955), Norwegian philosopher

Usage examples of "gule".

Dr Gule nevertheless made no move towards accommodation more suitable for that purpose.

He dialled, then dangled the bra from one finger, and held it out towards Gule in an absent-minded offer of custodianship, which the doctor pointedly ignored.

And unless it is identified, I cannot see that there would be any case for Gule to answer.