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n. (plural of gulag English)

Usage examples of "gulags".

Now, at last, we would hear the other side in the battle of relatively equal evil forces: Soviet gulags and fascistic oppression by HUAC.

Using the standard liberal talking point about Soviet slave-labor camps, Lattimore described the gulags as "a combination Hudson's Bay Company and TVA [Tennessee Valley Authority].

Aren't dreams of murderous dictators, gulags, and death camps at least comparable in evil to segregated lunch counters?

There were too many unanswered questions now, thanks to reading RMCQ reports on the Soviets, the KGB, the gulags, too many friends, Canadian and Nationalist, now.

Before we knew the truth about Stalin, about gulags and KGB and police state and mass murders and mass conquests and never freedom.

Sometimes it came all the way back from those who had been dispatched to the gulags, the labor camps in Siberia.