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Gul (name)

'''Gul ''' is a Nordic name commonly used in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian languages. The name is also common in Persian and Turkish languages. Gul is used as a family name in Europe, Central and South Asia.

Gul in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian means yellow. In Persian and Turkish languages, Gul means rose. The name is also an abbreviation used in the medieval and early modern periods for William (derived from French Guillaume), for example in the signature "Gul: Ebor" for William Dawes, Archbishop of York.


Gul, Gül or GUL may refer to:

  • Gul (name), people with the given name or surname
  • Gran Unión Liberal ( Great Liberal Union), a Nicaraguan political party
  • Gul (design), a design element in oriental carpets
  • Gul (toothpaste), also known as gudakhu, tobacco preparation used in Central Asia and eastern India
  • Gul, South Khorasan, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Gul, West Azerbaijan, a village in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Gul Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Gul (clothing), British company
  • Gul (watersports), British company
  • Gul, a fictional Cardassian military rank in the Star Trek franchise
  • Games UpLate Live, a late night Filipino television show
  • ISO 649 code for the Gullah language, spoken along the Atlantic coast of the United States
  • Gül Train, a freight train service between Pakistan and Turkey via Iran
  • Gul Circle, area in Singapore
Gul (watersports)

Established in 1967 by Dennis Cross, Gul produces watersports apparel. Products include wetsuits, jackets, bodyboards, buoyancy aids, and life jackets.

Gul (design)

A gul (also written gol, göl and gül) is a medallion-like design element typical of traditional hand- woven carpets from Central and West Asia. In Turkmen weavings they are often repeated to form the pattern in the main field.

Usage examples of "gul".

They were in her lab-orb at Receiving Spirit, where Kurgan had first spied on Nith Immmon and Gul Aluf.

I am saying is there must be an alternative to what Gul Aluf is proposing.

It was based on the same technological platform as the Gyrgon ion exomatrix, and when he asked her, Gul Aluf confirmed this.

He felt as if touching even a single interface would infect him as, he suspected, it had infected the others who had been in here: Nith Nassam, Nith Immmon, Gul Aluf, even his father.

He had made a complete circle, he had seen everything, though he had explored not one centimeter of the strange setups that Gul Alufand doubtless Nith Nassamhad spent days trying and failing to parse.

When Sahor, who had been asleep, awakened himself at a predetermined time and saw Gul Aluf in a deep dream state, he silently rose.

That was, of course, why Sahor had betrayed his true feelings when he had asked Gul Aluf if she and Nith Immmon were together.

He knew Gul Aluf would disagree, and so would Nith Nassam and probably Nith Immmon as well.

Had he chosen, instead, any of a thousand ion-based weapons, Gul Aluf would have been able to fight him off.

Temple of Mnemonics, you know your way around a lab-orb, you are familiar with both a Gul and a Nith.

He turned his hand over and with an eerie scratching sound the cocoon drew tighter so that Gul Aluf groaned through her gag.

There came for Sahor a moment of disconnection, a moment when neither Gul Aluf nor the lab-orb existed.

Behind them both, Gul Aluf, having been brought to consciousness by Nith Einon the moment he entered the lab-orb, avidly listened to this conversation.

Mitha Baba would not chase a strange elephant, unless she positively knew the creature was running off with her own Gul Moti.

But when the Chief Commissioner approached, Mitha Baba started, flinging herself forward--and the Gul Moti was suddenly at the edge of the stand.