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Gujar may refer to:

  • Gurjar or Gujjar, an ethnic group of people in India and Pakistan
  • Gojari language, or Gujjar, a language spoken by the gujjar people of India
  • Gujar, Nepal, a town in Nepal
  • Gujar Khan, nephew of Ataga Khan who fought against Akbar's army at the Battle of Tukaroi
  • Gujar Kurashvili (born 1951), Georgian general
  • Goçer-i/ Kochari, dance of the Azerbaijani Turkmen, Kurds, Armenian and Pontic Greek nomads
  • Prataprao Gujar, 17th century Indian military commander
  • Gujar, Iran (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "gujar".

There were five other ships in all, including the craft commanded by Gujar Sidoruk, and Niles Domingo, as commander of the relief force, wanted to make sure that when the combat zone was reached they would all continue to follow his orders.

There was a wedding to carry on with, however Maymyo and Gujar wanted to do it.

The checkout was really unnecessary, but Gujar at least was nervous enough to need something to do.

She looked at Gujar, who was leaning against the railing of the curving stair, gazing glumly into space.

Bulandshahr enjoyed an evil reputation in the Mutiny of 1857, when the Gujar peasantry plundered the towns.

There was no one else left of his own former company: Wilma was dead, her husband had gone away somewhere, Gujar and Polly quit.

Polly, from the medical people, from Iskander who came in often and from Gujar who came in once to visit him, Domingo learned, a little at a time, the details he was unable to remember of what had happened to him and the others who had been examining the wrecked berserker.

This time Wilma and Gujar, evidently feeling it was their duty to accept a proper share of the risks, both volunteered to come along.

Wilma, trying to reach from inside to help, was drawn out with them, but either Gujar or Iskander lunged into the open airlock and got it closed again from the inside, just ahead of the reaching grapple of a machine.

Polly and Gujar were just people from his old crew, and naturally he wished both of them well.

No telling where Gujar and his ship were right now or where Gennadius was either, for that matter.

The decline of the Mogul empire gave free play to the turbulent spirit of the Jats and Gujars, many of whose chieftains succeeded in carving out petty principalities for themselves at the expense of their neighbours.

The Jats took the side of the government, while the Gujars and Mussulman Rajputs were most actively hostile.

While Hosein made out the flight plan and went through the formalities in the Control office, Gujar and I helped the old Sheikh up the duralumin ladder into the cabin of the Tramp, and saw his retinue install him comfortably on the divan bed.

I decided to take the Carrier as being bigger and more suitable than one of the little old Airtrucks, still doing yeoman service, and I warned Gujar Singh that I should want him to come with me on the flight, starting the day after tomorrow.