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GuiXT is a client–server system developed by Synactive, Inc. It provides user-interface customization to SAP. It was created specifically for use with SAP and is integrated with SAP, but GuiXT Solutions operate independently of SAP solutions. That enables firms to tailor “do-everything” SAP transaction screens to the narrower requirements of specific jobs within their organizations while leaving essential SAP coding untouched. The “hands-off” design simplifies development and testing significantly. GuiXT Solutions users report greatly improved productivity and accuracy while, at the same time, reducing training and support costs.

GuiXT Solutions are offered by Synactive, Inc., a US firm headquartered in Foster City, California. Synactive was founded in 1998 by Dr. Gerhard Rode and Thomas Ewe. Their first product was GuiXT, designed to operate in conjunction with SAP’s graphical user interface, SAPgui.

At this time, Synactive offers GuiXT Solutions supporting a number of workstation alternatives. GuiXT Fuzion delivers standard or enhanced SAP transaction screens in web browser environments with a minimum of development time. It is fully certified for use with SAP NetWeaver, and delivers SAP transaction screens with or without SAP Portals.

GuiXT Mobile provides “instant-on” SAP operation and reliable offline protection to mobile PCs including handheld and RF devices. GuiXT Offline delivers secure SAP transactions to PC compatible devices in remote locations.

All of the GuiXT Solutions share a common technology, so solutions are easy to port from one delivery channel to others. Being an SAP Partner these solutions are already built into SAP and no changes are necessary when upgrading SAP versions.

Applications of GuiXT Solutions include simplifying material creation to one click, combining notifications and work order into a single transaction, Wi-Fi enables a plant so that plant workers can get access to SAP anywhere, minimizing or eliminating user training on SAP.