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Guitjo is a plucked string instrument in the guitar or banjo family.

  • Guitjo (six-string), a six-string banjo with the neck of a guitar, also known as a banjitar or banjo guitar
  • Guitjo (double-neck), a (generally) fourteen-string instrument with two necks on a single guitar-like resonating body
Guitjo (double-neck)

A double-necked guitjo is a guitar-like, fretted, stringed, musical instrument that has two necks attached to a single body, generally with 14-strings, seven strings on each neck. It is strung more like a banjo rather than a traditional guitar. Both necks may be played simultaneously producing a sound that has elements of both guitar and harp.

The double-necked guitjo was developed in the late-twentieth century. Guitjos are made and repaired by luthiers.