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Guinn is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Bill Guinn or Lew Meehan (1890–1951), American film actor
  • Colin Guinn, contestant in The Amazing Race, a U.S. TV series
  • Dominick Guinn, (born 1975), American professional boxer
  • Ernest Allen Guinn (1905–1974), United States federal judge
  • John E. Guinn (born 1953), businessman from Jennings, Louisiana
  • Kenny Guinn (1936–2010), American businessman, educator and politician
  • Michael Guinn (born 1978), American pharmaceutical businessman and Open source programmer
  • Nora Guinn (1920–2005), American judge
  • Robert Henry Guinn (1822–1887), Texas politician
  • Skip Guinn (born 1944), former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Thomas Guinn (1836–1908), Union Army soldier during the American Civil War

Given name:

  • Guinn Smith (1920–2004), American athlete, 1948 Olympic champion in the pole vault
  • Guinn Williams (actor) (1899–1962), American actor who appeared in memorable westerns
  • Guinn Williams (Texas politician) (1871–1948), U.S. Representative from Texas