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n. (plural of guinea English)

Usage examples of "guineas".

Jin-qua had come into the room and eased the bullion off him, and had taken it all in exchange for a coffin and twenty golden guineas, and then he was no longer on his ship but ashore in the Great House on the knoll.

I took the liberty of sending a sight draft in Robb’s name for fifty guineas to pay for a year’s room and board and a shilling a week for pocket money.

A thousand guineas in England today and you could live like a king, for five or ten years.

Think of the twenty thousand guineas he peed—yes, peed away—on the stupid bet with Brock and Gorth.

Yes, by the blood of Rembrandt, I’d willingly pay—I’d pay a hundred guineas, if I had to crawl to Brock to borrow it, to have that privilege.

Why, on a hundred and fifty guineas a month he could afford dozens of superb suits and boots.

He agreed, wagering that if he achieved the impossible feat of arriving in Hong Kong in under sixty-five days—half the normal time—I would give him a thousand guineas to boot.

The annual membership fee was set at ten guineas, and every European on the island had immediately joined.

Struan, you live up in the mountains with incredible wealth where you can give a thousand guineas to a girl just because she’s got a pretty dress, so you don’t know, you can’t know, but one out of every eleven people in England is a pauper.

The stranger dead, Merry would win back the captain's guineas as well as the stranger's money belt, which promised to be the more valuable, and then there was the rope attached to the submerged sea-chest with the silver key around his victim's neck.

Syn, inspired by this general generosity, opened a subscription list, heading it himself with the sum of seventy guineas, which he took for the purpose from the sea-captain's belt.

Keeping seven guineas back to pay for the captain's special burial, he entered one more guinea as coming from the savings of Mr.

The awful thought occurred to him that he had left Dymchurch while he had been soaking in brandy: that the elegant and terrifying stranger had gone for ever, taking his sea-chest and the captain's guineas (his, Merry's, guineas) with him.

Had he got those two belts of guineas round his waist under that black gown?

It seems to me then not unfair for me to take several thousand guineas from his daughter's neck.