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We gave them local names which no guilded expert with his Latin books would have countenanced.

Even lands beyond our own, caught within their own wyreglowing tendrils of aether and ridiculous myths of discovery by some other grandmaster than ours, smoke and hammer to dreams of guilded industry whilst the savage lands remain forever unexplored.

Like most working-class people, she harboured a fondness for the idea a woman of scarcely guilded beginnings who could rise to challenge, if only briefly, the might of the guilds.

Placing my hand on the oiled and belted stanchions, engraved, beneath their filth, with the guilded charms, I could feel the faint tremor which always came through this thinly made structure in the quiet moments between trains.

England but in the guilded nations across Europe and beyond had proved the disastrous unworkability of the present monetary system.

The moment, as I raised my hand to stroke her flesh and her nipple tautened, was charged as some secret guilded ritual.

Highermaster George gazed down on us, and smiled in that knowing, faintly patronising way of the high guilded as he flipped back a wet lock of his thinning hair.

Clothed in wealth, in money, the high guilded grow huge and greedy in their needs.

It was common wisdom in the Easterlies that the failure of Butterfly Day had come about in large part as a result of the treacherous connivance of the middle guilded of the Westerlies, who had diluted the Twelve Demands in cottony compromise and irrelevant talk about changing the calendar.

But it surprised me, as he stretched so far over that people glanced towards him and I found myself taking a step closer, that George of all people, a guilded architect looking down over brash Northcentral, should find the extravagance of Hallam Tower particularly hard to understand.

So what better demonstration of guilded power could there be than to have this great, frail structure, endlessly flashing through the rooftop smog?

We might be wearing similarly ragged coats, but George, to his bones and to his soul, was sensitive and high guilded and complicatedly educated.

I provide a welcome bit of eccentricity for the high guilded and perhaps scare the robbers off from stealing their old furniture.

Tomorrow, out beyond these walls, the normal calendar of guilded work was supposed to resume.

It's no coincidence he chose this moment to give the hospices to the Guilde.