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Guignolet is a French wild cherry liqueur.

It is widely available in France, including at supermarkets such as Casino and others, but is not widely available internationally.

A leading producer is the company Giffard in Angers, France, the same town where Cointreau is produced. The Cointreau brothers have been instrumental in its reinvention, the original recipe having been lost.

Usage examples of "guignolet".

Chambers and the ministers are like the wooden puppets which the proprietor of the Guignolet shows exhibits to the great satisfaction of wonder-stricken idlers in the streets.

His eyes are smudged with memory, but the Guignolet is strong and sweet and it revives him.

Her hand found a bottle of Guignolet, a bitter cherry liqueur he knew she kept only for his rare visits.

Next to it was a glass tumbler, filled almost to the brim with Guignolet, filling the room with the subtle scent of alcohol and cherries.