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Guidi is an Italian surname shared by several notable people:

  • Domenico Guidi (1625–1701), Italian sculptor
  • Carlo Alessandro Guidi (1650–1712), Italian lyric poet
  • Ignazio Guidi (1844–1935), Italian orientalist
  • Guido Buffarini Guidi (1895–1945), Italian politician active during the Second World War
  • Juan Héctor Guidi (1930–1973), Argentine footballer
  • Peter Guidi (born 1949), American jazz musician
  • Fabrizio Guidi (born 1972), Italian cyclist
  • Guido Guidi ( fl. 20th century), Italian comic book artist and penciller
  • Emanuele Guidi (born 1969), Sammarinese archer
Guidi (family)

The Guidi were a Tuscan aristocratic family of the Middle Ages. Descended from a certain Tegrimo (flourished 10th century), the Guidi practised partible inheritance and in the thirteenth century began to split into separate cadet lineages.