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n. (plural of guide English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: guide)

Usage examples of "guides".

However, I have found our guides do not encourage the complete working out of thought disorders at the spiritual gateway.

Our guides and a number of soulmates and friends wait for us close to the gateway to provide recognition, affection, and the assurance we are all right.

I find the duration of this first meeting with our guides does vary after each life depending upon the circumstances of that life.

Many guides have strange sounding names, while others are rather conventional.

The attributes of guides as differentiated from soulmates and other supportive entities will be examined in Chapter Eight.

Besides uniting with our guides and other familiar beings, I have mentioned a third form of reentry after death.

In both situations, the guides of these souls are intimately concerned with rehabilitation, but because the circumstances are quite different between each type of displaced soul, I will treat them separately.

In my opinion, they are damaged souls because they evidence confusion, despair, and even hostility to such an extent they want their guides to stay away from them.

If we have a spirit world governed by order, with guides who care about us, how can maladaptive souls who exert negative energy upon incarnated beings be allowed to exist?

We will see in the next chapter how souls receive an initial review of their past life with guides before moving on to join their friends.

People in hypnosis who discuss the type of counseling which goes on during orientation say their guides are gentle but probing.

This does not mean the ten percent of my clients in this category just sail right by their guides with a wave upon their return from Earth.

Their guides and friends also have a more accepting view toward this motivation for suicide.

When subjects talk for their guides, rather than guides speaking for themselves through the subject, usually the cadence of speech is not as broken.

Orientation conferences with our guides allow us to begin the long process of self-evaluation between lives.