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She was baith bonny and guid, and pleasant to the hert as to the sicht: she wad hae saved me gien I had been true til her!

The guid beuk forbids fornication with human beings and bestiality with sheep and other dumb brutes, but it says nocht about wimbling with extra-terrestrial hominoids.

And wha guid man came among the savages to save ye from eternal damnation?

We hae had a noble flight at the heron, and anither just as guid after the bustard.

I couldna be mistook, and when he cried me guid day I saw brawly that he kenned me and kenned that I kenned him.

Eh, guid fowk, keep him till I get a place to tak him til, and syne haudna him a meenute frae me!

So, wi' the most o' the Royal Hoose o' Lagan cauld in the clay, it were clear that me Tim had as guid a claim as ony an' far better nor some tae the throne o' his greatuncle.

Doobtless sic bairnies hae to suffer frae the prood jeedgment o' their fellow-men and women, but they may get muckle guid and little ill frae that--a guid naebody can reive them o'.

Smith little dreaming of that accident, being got to the marshes at the river's head, 20 miles in the desert, had his 2 men slaine (as is supposed) sleeping by the Canowe, whilst himselfe by fowling sought them victual, who finding he was beset by 200 Salvages, 2 of them he slew, stil defending himselfe with the aid of a Salvage his guid (whome bee bound to his arme and used as his buckler), till at last slipping into a bogmire they tooke him prisoner: when this news came to the fort much was their sorrow for his losse, fewe expecting what ensued.

It looked unnervingly like pastrami, but turned out to be, as Byars put it, 'the guid roast beef.

There'll be nae skaith to the kintry - just ae mair Hielantman hangit - Gude kens, a guid riddance!

But it is not difficult, from the colour of their objections, to decide that these people belonged to the type still known in Scotland as the `unco guid.