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Usage examples of "guiana".

There we have to nudge the Alamo at that point into the Guiana Current that flows up the northern Brazilian coast.

Hilmaran Kingdom in Arcana whose territory includes the equivalent of Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana.

The Flettner sails, with a slight nudge from the Sun King and its tugs, eased the Alamo out of the South Equatorial and into the Guiana Current on schedule on 1 April, 18 days after they had pierced the triangle of fire.

I am a native of British Guiana, and there are thousands of British Guianese who are white-skinned and blonde, red-headed or brunette.

That was the moment when Paz had decided to take the money and the airline ticket and go to Spanish Guiana.

It was almost too simple to be paranoid, almost simple enough for a professional paranoid like a security apparatchik to ignore, and it went like this: The ESA launch-site at Kourou in French Guiana had, a couple of years back, been the locus of a minor scandal, much played-up by the protectionist wing of the Party in Europe.

We seemed to be headed a bit west, perhaps toward Guiana, where the French still basically ruled, or Guyana, which had lots of jungle airstrips and virtually unmapped interiors.

Of the first two thousand Cayennes which had been abducted from the fields of French Guiana, nearly nineteen hundred grew to luscious maturity, and these first pineapples were an astonishment to the citizens of Hawaii.

The rock-thrush of Guiana, birds of paradise, and some others, congregate.

The story of how Francois Fresnau found the Hevea brasiliensis tree in French Guiana is an interesting one, because the techniques he used could be adapted to finding any rubber tree whose latex production is already known to the natives.

The Guiana Current carried them along at twenty nautical miles per day, to which was added another forty-eight, on an average, by means of kedging.

If further inspissated by boiling, and sweetened in the sun, it is known as casareep, and is employed as a flavouring, especially in British Guiana, where it appears in almost every dish, and in the West Indies, where it is the foundation of the celebrated pepper pot.

Guiana poison-tree (Strychnos toxifera): curare arrow-poison taken from bark.

The plan was nothing less than the removal from Devil's Island, in the Safety Islands off Guiana on the South American coast, of the world's most celebrated prisoner, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew, who had been accused, falsely according to Hearst and half the world (but not Blaise's half), of giving French military secrets to the Germans.