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Gugu may refer to:

  • Costinel Gugu (born 1992), Romanian footballer
  • Gugu Gill (also spelt Guggu Gill), Punjabi film actor
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw (born 1983), English actress
  • Gugu Liberato (born 1959), Brazilian TV presenter
  • Gugu River, tributary of the Cungrea Mică River in Romania
  • Gugu River (Râul Șes), tributary of the Râul Şes in Romania
  • Gugu Thaypan language, Paman language spoken on the southwestern part of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia
  • Gugu Uwanh dialect, Paman language spoken on the Cape York Peninsula of Queensland, Australia
  • Mount Gugu, mountain located in central Ethiopia


Usage examples of "gugu".

And on top of that, they fix a high headpiece called a gugu, a thing made of bark, decorated with bits of colored felt and ribbons.

Her cemented hair and her gugu together make a woman some two feet taller than a man, so cumbrously tall that she can enter a yurtu only by bowing her head.