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n. (plural of guest English)

Usage examples of "guests".

The table was laid for thirty, but before dinner Madame Goudar seated herself at the piano, and sang a few airs with the voice of a siren, and with a confidence that did not astonish the other guests as they knew her, but which astonished me extremely, for her singing was really admirable.

We returned to the palace before him, and when he came back, finding us all together, he gave his new guests the most friendly welcome.

When the guests came the marquis said that as the costumes would amuse us we had better put them on before supper.

I railed mercilessly at his diocese and at the whole of Calabria in so cutting a manner that I greatly amused the archbishop and all his guests, amongst whom were two ladies, his relatives, who did the honours of the dinner-table.

No introductions took place, and I read the tact of the witty hunchback in the omission, but as all the guests were men used to the manners of the court, that neglect of etiquette did not prevent them from paying every honour to my lovely friend, who received their compliments with that ease and good breeding which are known only in France, and even there only in the highest society, with the exception, however, of a few French provinces in which the nobility, wrongly called good society, shew rather too openly the haughtiness which is characteristic of that class.

As she rose from her seat, she did not thank the guests for their applause, but, addressing the young artist with affability, she told him, with a sweet smile, that she had never played on a finer instrument.

At this the Spanish guests bit their lips, but the Frenchmen laughed heartily, and did not spare their epigrams against the overparticular abbess.

The guests dance in the parlour, and the sisters remain behind the grating, enjoying the sight of the ball, which is over by sunset.

The moment we were alone, he told me that all the guests I had met were worthy and honest men, and he asked me whether I believed that I had succeeded in pleasing the company.

After supper, and when the other guests had retired, I remained with Zawoiski, Count Rinaldi having offered to give us our revenge.

Count Algarotti invited all the guests to sleep at a house he had in Treviso, and to partake there of the dinner usually given the day after the wedding.

Roquendorf and Sarotin, who were amongst the guests, having heard that the chevalier had handed me some gold, asked me who he was.

As soon as I had dressed myself, I returned to Venice, and my first care was to give notice to my cook, so that the supper of the 8th of February should be worthy of the guests and worthy of me.

I advised my guests to take Maraschino with it, and those ladies who appreciated the liqueur drank it as if it had been water.

If I had been curious enough to read it and my guests had seen it, I would have you know that I would have gone in pursuit of you, and at this moment you would have been a corpse.