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Guerrillero (newspaper)

Guerrillero is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish, with an online English edition. The newspaper is located in Pinar del Río.


Guerrillero may refer to:

  • A member of a guerrilla group, see: Guerrilla
  • Guerrillero a Cuban newspaper

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Usage examples of "guerrillero".

Pedrito, the guerrillero, whom I exposed in Paris, some years ago, in a cafe frequented by South American students, where he tried to pass himself off for a Secretary of Legation.

The crowd stared literally open-mouthed, lost in eager stillness, as though they had expected the great guerrillero, the famous Pedrito, to begin scattering at once some sort of visible largesse.

This was what said his Excellency, the popular Pedrito, the guerrillero skilled in the art of laying ambushes, charged by his brother at his own demand with the organization of Sulaco on democratic principles.

Pedrito, the guerrillero, showing his hand, lowered his voice forcibly.

Pedrito the Guerrillero, arrayed in purple slippers and a velvet smoking-cap with a gold tassel, keeping a disorderly house in one of the southern ports.

Skilly much of the way of fighting the guerrillero, the little war, but Skilly put the books to work.

If you send six hundred men marching from here to Madrid then I guarantee you that every guerrillero between here and Seville will know about it before they leave.

Ribeiro, Francisco Braga, and Teofilo Costa were cheerful companions and took him to the border and directly to the temporary camp of the Spanish guerrillero leader with a sureness that suggested a long familiarity with the rugged hills and the deep clefts of ravines that tended all to look alike to Captain Blake.