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Güero (sometimes spelled huero, guero or wero) is a word used in Mexico and some parts of Central and South America to denote a person of fair complexion or with blond, light brown or red hair. The feminine form is güera. Although güero/a typically refers to a blond person, in Mexico it can mean anyone of lighter hair, even a person with light brown hair, especially auburn hair. This is opposed to moreno, who is of dark brown or black-brown skin tones and/or Amerindian or Afro-Mexican origin.''

The word "güero" ultimately originates from the Spanish word huero (empty) from the phrase huevo huero (empty egg that was lost during incubation). The phrase huevo huero became associated with a sick person and from this association came the association with the color white.

Güero may also refer to:

  • Guero, 2005 album by Beck
  • Guerolito, 2005 remix album by Beck, featuring all of the songs from Guero except for the hidden track, "Send a Message to Her"
  • Matando Gueros, 1993 album from the Mexican metal-band Brujeria
  • Guero, a piano study by German composer Helmut Lachenmann
  • El Güero Jaibo (d. 1993), aka Juan Francisco Murillo Díaz, a member of the Tijuana Cartel
  • El Güero Loco, one of the many aliases of Ivan Martin, member of the Chicano Hip-hop group, Delinquent Habits.
  • El Güero Palma, nickname for Héctor Luis Palma Salazar, Mexican drug trafficker
  • El Güero Estrada, 1997 Mexican film directed by Gilberto De Anda and scored by Gustavo Ramírez Reyes
  • Güeros, 2014 Mexican film directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios and starring Tenoch Huerta Mejía
  • Guero ("Later"), a 1643 Basque-language book by Pedro Agerre.
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