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Gude is a surname and a Scots form of the English word "good". It may refer to:

  • Gilbert Gude, a United States Congressman from Maryland
  • Hans Gude, a Norwegian romanticist painter
  • Marquard Gude, a German archaeologist and classical scholar
  • Gerard Pierre Laurent Kalshoven Gude (1858-1924), British malacologist

Usage examples of "gude".

He read a Psalm with deliberation, poked up an already bright fire, and glowered at his placid gude wife.

Sheep-dogs sprawled and dozed on the hearth, so that the gude wife complained of their being underfoot.

The farmer picked the child up on one arm, gripped the dog under the other, and the gude wife went before with a lantern, across the dark farmyard to the cow-barn.

Homeless on earth, gude Auld Jock had gone to a place prepared for him.

Lairds should bide in their ain houses if the land is to have any gude of them.

Suddenly she cleared her throat and moved on, walking past the works of Tidemand and Gude with a quick glance and a nod, as though confirming a theory.

Yu listen tu I, vor I be a turble witty man, and I be giving of yu gude advice, Miss Zairy.

Butte yn ye season whenne ye mistletoe And holly hangeth hevye on ye bough, Ech wrytes to ech a lettere of gude cheere, To telle hys friende whatte hym befel thatte yeare.

Be that, however, as it may, the instigation took effect, and in the twinkling of an eye every scalp was bare, and the chimley roaring with the roasting of gude kens how many powdered wigs well fattened with pomatum.

LawristonWas slain into his armour schene,And gude Sir Robert Davidson,Wha provost was of Aberdene:The knicht of Panmure, as was sene,A mortall man in armour bricht,Sir Thomas Murray, stout and kene,Left to the warld thair last gude nicht.

There's the marriage-dinner, or gude part o't, that my twa brithers are bringing on a sled round by the Riders' Slack, three goodly bucks as ever ran on Dallomlea, as the sang says.

She cam' t' the breaker on a day wi' her gude mon, an' she had the bairnie in her arms.

  Thers rubbil on thi floar & no glas or anyfin in thi windos & thi wind blos in thru a windo on thi otheir syd ov thi hooj circulir room & thru thi scafoldin & makes everfin sway in thi breez & thi slofs doan seem 2 tak ver gude care ov thi plais no moar than thay do ther can selfs, but @ leest thai gaiv me sum woter 2 drink & ½ a qwik wosh in & then gaiv me sum frute & nuts to eet.

There'll be nae skaith to the kintry - just ae mair Hielantman hangit - Gude kens, a guid riddance!