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vb. To catch fish with the hands, especially by groping under stones or at the banks of a stream.

Usage examples of "guddle".

Her wavy locks of rich brown were borne that night, by the careful hand of Mrs Bruce, to Rob Guddle, the barber.

It is a sport in which I have no competitor save the little boys who guddle the stones, for the folk of the glen follow less innocent pursuits.

For that matter, Ussmak could have been one of the poor wretches in radiation suits who guddled around in the freezing Tosevite slime for the bits of radioactive material their detectors found.

Louis was guddling around in his own mess tin, picking out the choicest parts first as usual, and as Lessing watched he picked out a morsel that did not seem to meet with his approval, for he lobbed it over to the dog.

Inevitably came the time when he was confronted with the scene of Ria and Louis sharing a mess tin -worse still, the monkey was actually feeding the dog, his deheate little hands guddling around in the tin until they fished out a delicacy which was ffien tossed into the waiting eager mouth.

A couple of crewmen were guddling about in the Panther’s engine compartment.