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Gudai is a village in the Astore District of Pakistan. The nearest villages are Shekong, Khuma, Karbay, Bomray, Booban, and Dass Kharym. It is the headquarters of Gudai union council.

The village was once the headquarters of Dogra Raj. A rest home is also present which was built in the 18th century and is now under the custody of the Government of Pakistan. The population of this village is around 1000 and many people participate in elections. It has two separate high schools for boys and girls are present and a hospital, tehsildar office, post office, police station, forest rangers office, and market containing 35 shops. The literacy rate of Gudai is above 60%. People of this place live a very simple life. They cultivate potatoes and wheat as their staple diet. The famous fruits of the village are apricot, cherries, and apples.

The permanent tribe of Gudai is the Boona tribe. There are three largest and most renowned families in this tribe (Gulshare Khan family, Kashmair family, and Raam Khan family). Other well known families of the village are Haider, Sattar, Huloo, and Wazir. And Zawar Family Khama Dass Bala The Gudai River is the source of fresh water for domestic purposes. In summer people catch trout fish from the river. People travel to this village as the precious stones in the mountains are a source of attraction for many tourists.

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